Remote Control Parking to Become Legal in the UK

A new law will now allow UK drivers to utilize remote control parking of their vehicles using a digital key or smartphone app.

In the UK's quest towards increased autonomous and connected vehicle global market share, drivers now be able to use remote control parking using an app capable of parallel and end-on parking, as long as the driver is within six meters from the vehicle.


"Connected and autonomous vehicles will transform our lives, with the potential to reduce up to 25,000 serious accidents and create more than 300,000 jobs over the next decade," said SMMT chief executive Mike Haes. "Today's announcement is just one step towards increasing automation, but it is an important one enabling increased convenience especially for those with restricted mobility."

Thinking of the Future, Today

At the moment, a limited number of automakers enable remote control parking, such as Mercedes-Benz's Remote Parking Assist feature which charges $160 (£119) for three years.

Over the past two years, the UK has been aggressive in trying to become a world leader in low emissions, automated and connected driving, citing its positive projected impact on the UK automotive workforce. In Nov. 2017, chief financial minister Philip Hammond earmarked $266 million towards the Automated and Electric Vehicles Bill, a governmental initiative to improve its standards via electric battery purchase programs, 55G deployment on roads, and pro-technology projects for self-driving cars.

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