Red Green
YouTube: RedGreenTV

Remember When Red Green Hilariously Showed How to Go "Long Distance Fishing?"


Red Green hilariously shows how to fish without owning lakefront property.

Everybody loves fishing but owning your own little piece of lakeside heaven where you can fish whenever you want is usually just a pipe dream for most of us. Let's face it, lakeside property is expensive. Especially in the current market for homes.

Not to fear, Steve Smith, aka: "Red Green" is here to help with a ridiculous and hilarious solution in this classic clip from the show titled "long distance fishing."

What does he mean by that? Well, in typical Red Green fashion, it means coming up with the most convoluted and satirical way to fish over the neighbor's property. Spoiler, it involves a lot of duct tape and a flagpole. As Red says: "You've heard about the one that got away? This is the one from a block away!"


There you have it. Now you can fish the neighbor's dock from your own front yard and then drag the catch past your snooty neighbor's noses. Just make sure they don't own a cat!

"I've just converted my flagpole into an intercontinental ballistic fishing rod!"

We must admit that when we woke up this morning, we did not anticipate hearing all those words in that exact order. The minds behind this show were comedic geniuses when it came to dreaming the world's most ridiculous DIY-style projects. The great thing about these sketches is that they stand the test of time too.

Who doesn't love Red Green? We always try to figure out what the duct-tape loving handyman is going to put together before we see the whole gag. We almost never see the punchline coming and this was no exception. There aren't a lot of shows that do outdoors-related skits and gags like this anymore, so it's fun to revisit them.


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