Reigning Supreme: 7 Cat Condos That Your Little Lion Will Love

When it comes to cat condos, there's more to their design than meets the eye.

Cat condos are designed to suit different cat preferences, so don't just jump online and order the first one you see. Before making your decision, take your cat's unique personality into consideration and see what sort of elements you think they would enjoy in a condo.

With so many different designs to choose from, we understand that it can feel a bit overwhelming to narrow down your search. This is why we've chosen some of our favorite cat condos that you can easily order online at Amazon.

In addition to cat condos, you can also find cat trees, cat furniture, cat towers and cat scratching posts too! 

KATRIS Modular Cat TreeCat Condo

This cat condo is the perfect combination of style and function. The individual pieces can be rearranged in any setup imaginable and it can double as storage for some of your smaller items such as plants or books.

67" Cat Kitty Tree Tower Condo Scratching Post

Cat Condo

The great thing about this cat condo is that there is no shortage of places for your cat to hide and to lounge. With three platforms at the top, cats in multi-cat households will never have to fight for the top spot again!

The Refined Feline Catalpa Cat Tree

Cat Condo

The Refined Feline Catalpa Cat Tree is another great example of how cat condos can be both stylish and functional.

Made to look like an actual tree, this condo is a great option for cats who simply enjoy climbing to inspect their surroundings from new heights.

Prevue Pet Products Catville Tower

Cat Condo

For cats who like to hide or for senior felines who need a little extra help climbing, the Prevue Pet Products Catville Tower is the perfect option.

The staircase that runs along the side makes it accessible for cats who may have difficulty scaling traditional cat condos, and the ample hiding places will make even the timidest cat comfortable to explore.

Gracelove Cat Tree Furniture Tiger Tough Cat Condo Playground Tree

Cat Condo

Multi-cat households, this is the condo for you. With countless levels, platforms, tunnels, and more there is no shortage of space for your clowder of kitties.

In fact, it's designed to hold up to six cats at a time!

XL Modular 109 Piece Cat Condo

Cat Condo

Want a cat condo but need an option that allows you to assemble and disassemble quickly? This cat condo by FrontPet could be the answer. With 109 different pieces, you have complete control over the design of the condo.

It also means that you can mix up the design as often as you'd like to keep things interesting for your kitties.

Petsfit Outdoor cat house


The Petsfit Outdoor Cat House is a completely weatherproof shelter ideal for kitties who enjoy spending time in the great outdoors. With both indoor and outdoor lounging areas, this shelter can be used year-round, regardless of weather or temperature.

Cat towers, cat trees, condo furniture, kitty mansions, cat scratching posts, cat perches and cat beds all allow cats to stay off furniture while adding some key enrichment activities. You can also hide catnip in the cat condos or cat bed!

Cat condos are considered a part of your cat's health care regiment. One of the most important pet products available to help with behavior issues is the cat scratcher. Don't underestimate what this can do for your cat's well being. Scratching is a natural behavior and whether you have a large cat or small kitty you must provide an area for them to scratch or your couch may end up being their stand-in cat tree.

Look for a place in the cat condos to hide cat toys too as our staff loves to challenge our feline friends and create a playhouse for them to keep their minds busy! Essentially you need a safe pet zone in your house for cats! 

And has a wonderful selection of Solvit and Kurgo products on their site. You can also find cat products including cat tree towers at Coastal Pet Product's site. There are so many choices. Omega Paw is another online retailer!

Do your cats have a cat condo they love? Share a picture with us on FacebookTwitter, or in the comments below- we'd love to see it!

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