Redditers Wish for These Animals to Be the Size of Cats

What if teeny tiny elephants roamed this earth?

Reddit users took to brainstorming the cutest small animal possibilities, and the conversations are hilarious.

One user suggested a tiny rhino would be adorable, while another commented that an itty bitty rhino would wreak havoc on your shins. Pygmy hippos are already a thing and the Sumatran rhino is the smallest rhinoceros alive today, but what if they could be even tinier?

The Reddit post is titled: What animal would be cutest if scaled down to the size of a cat?

Reddit thread

Redditer Stoner95 suggested a tiny manatee is just a carp, but others argued that a carp is a fish and a manatee is a mammal. The name "Barbara" was also tabled for the itty bitty dream manatee.

Antillean manatee (Trichechus manatus manatus). Wildlife animal.

Bears also seemed to be a popular idea.

reddit tiny animal

An elephant was also suggested.Reddit thread


Highland cows were also in the running.

Reddit thread

Scottich Highland Cow and Calf looking at the camera

A Clydesdale, giraffe, orca, and deer were other nominations, though small-statured deer already exist in the Florida Keys.

Lion was mentioned a few times, but some people thought a cat-sized lion would just equate to a house cat.

lion cat gif

While there are many animals that would be cuter scaled down, there are some we probably wouldn't want to see scaled up!

What do you think would be the cutest animal if it could be shrunk down? See how many likes you can get in the comments below!

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