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Recovering a Red Stag in New Zealand With the Help of a Helicopter

Conducting a New Zealand red stag deer hunt would be amazing. Doing it with the help of a helicopter pushes it into overdrive.

Who amongst us would love a red stag hunt in New Zealand? It'd be incredible, but do you know what might make it even better?

Heliops Mag on YouTube describes this video as an "Old video clip of the late Alex Loughlin and Wes Hampton out hunting in the mountains of New Zealand."

Well, if this is how they hunt red deer in the land of the Kiwis, then we understand why these fellows have such a desire to do it.

In this clip, the helicopter hunters make some stunning shots while riding shotgun on the edge of a 500D light utility helicopter.

But it's the recovery that is so intensely amazing and dangerous.

As you'll see, once they've made a kill, what comes next is the hard part. You had better have ice water in your veins and a good pilot to do this.

Here's the video:

Red deer seem to be the animal of choice for this style of hunting, and the Kiwis seem to take to it like a fish to water. These helicopter cowboys are a breed of hunter that we just don't get to see very often, and we love it.

Helicopter hunting isn't brand new, and isn't completely foreign either. Here in the States, feral hogs and coyotes have become the targets for heli-hunters, but only in areas where it's legal to do so.

Still, we have to say that these Kiwi cowboys are some of the most fearless hunters that we've ever seen.

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