Real Life Halo Rifle
Youtube: DWAI

Man Builds Real-Life Halo Rifle From a Kel-Tech CMR

A video game rifle comes to life down to the ammo counter!

As much as some people don't want to admit to it, there is some crossover appeal between video game enthusiasts and firearms owners. One of the coolest first-person shooters ever made is the Halo series on Xbox. The games focus on a legendary super solider, Spartan 117, aka: "Master Chief," raised from childhood to be the ultimate solider.

In the game, you step into the Master Chief's boots to defend humanity from a collective of alien races hell-bent on our destruction known as "The Covenant." One of the coolest aspects of this game was all the awesome advanced weaponry, including the game's assault rifles. (Assault rifle is the developer's wording, not ours.)

That got at least one firearms enthusiast wondering. Could he build a functional version of one of these Sci-Fi guns that shoots real bullets? What he came up with is quite brilliant and looks extremely close to the game.

Man, this brings back memories of playing original Xbox back in high school!

In case you were wondering, no, it is NOT fully automatic. It just seems that way. The gun's builder explained the guts of this build in an additional video. It uses an extremely fast electronic trigger system modified from an airsoft gun to quickly burn through those 30-round magazines of .22 WMR. Because of that system, and the gun's amazing ammo counter, which requires an Arduino computer, this firearm requires three different batteries to function properly. Sheesh, we never knew the UNSC's weaponry was so high-tech while we were playing the games!

Still, for something built in their spare time, this is an amazing functional replica. We have seen some video game guns come to life in the past but never one that looked this good. You can almost hear the Covenant grunts from the games screaming in terror at the mere sight of it.

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