Ready to Succumb to the Obvious Benefits of a Ground Blind?

There's no sense denying it: Ground blinds are here to stay, and they've gotten even better.

If you haven't had the experience of posting up in a ground blind and silently watching as deer, turkeys, or any other animal you're hunting unknowingly walks right in to range, you're missing out.

The design advancements in these things has improved tenfold, proven by some of the great features found in Bolderton blinds.

Bolderton produces two blinds - the 5-Hub and the Colossus. Both are beneficial for slightly different reasons, but both will give you the kind of cover and comfort you've come to expect from a good ground blind.

Why even consider one if you haven't already? Maybe you're a treestand hunter, and that's what you're familiar with. Perhaps you've seen the old, 'stick out like a sore thumb" versions that barely pass as concealment. Maybe the thought just never occurred to you.

If you need convincing, the Bolderton ground blinds provide perfect examples of what a sportsman can look forward to come hunting season.

Here's a video run through from Mossy Oak camo, who they've wisely partnered with to conceal their blinds.

The tough 300-denier polyester shell stands up to just about anything, and the ease of entrance and exit is so vast it's considered wheelchair accessible.

The windows on both the 5-Hub and Colossus use "Silent Slide," zipper-free mechanisms to open and close, and the shoot-through mesh screens include hook-and-loop panels for simple removal and replacement.

There are brush loops on the exterior, making it simple to add native brush and foliage for even more concealment, or changing the appearance as the season changes the surroundings. A smartly-added interior pocket gives hunters some convenient storage, and a fully blacked-out interior prevents shadows from giving away your position.

Plus, the whole works packs up into a heavy-duty carry case with backpack straps for hassle-free transport and storage.

When will you wise up and give a ground blind a shot? There's good reason to.

Ground blinds bring hunters to the level of their game, reducing the difficulties associated with shooting a gun or bow in a downward trajectory.

They'll also allow less capable hunters, whether they be kids, elderly, or physically impaired, the ability to see more success within their own limitations. If they can't climb a treestand, a ground blind is just as worthy of a hunting seat.

Entering and exiting a ground blind, especially one that has a door like these Bolderton blinds have, is far less likely to interrupt the wildlife around you, and will keep the odds in your favor.

There's still enough time to get your hands on a ground blind before the fall hunting season kicks off, and we're thinking you're going to want the best. If that's the case, look to Bolderton.