carp challenge
Michigan Department of Natural Resources

Are You Ready for the Invasive Carp Challenge?

Michigan is concerned about Asian carp entering the Great Lakes, so it's issuing an Invasive Carp Challenge.

Gov. Rick Snyder announced the program on Aug. 1 in Lansing. So, what's an Invasive Carp Challenge?

Simply put, the state is looking for ways to keep the invasive species out of the Great Lakes.

"Invasive carp pose a serious and growing threat to the economy and ecology of our Great Lakes," says Snyder. "The Invasive Carp Challenge will tap into the creativity and expertise of the entrepreneurial community to find the best ways to protect Michigan's most prized natural resource."

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People around the world are being encouraged to take part. The challenge will accept ideas to prevent invasive carp movement. Ideas can be at any phase, from conceptualization to field-tested models.

Inventive folks can submit ideas online through InnoCentive's Challenge Center through Oct. 31. Submitters register on the site and then get a detailed description of the challenge. They can also get a look at technology that currently exists before submitting their deterrent ideas.

There's a chance for those submitting to get more than just the satisfaction of helping to keep Asian carp out of the Great Lakes.

The State of Michigan has put $700,000 in cash rewards up for grabs. One or more solutions submitted could win cold, hard cash in the Invasive Carp Challenge.

Invasive carp are getting closer and closer to the Great Lakes. On June 22, an eight-pound silver carp was captured just nine miles from Lake Michigan.

Michigan, along with other states and Canadian provinces, are working cooperatively to keep silver and bighead carp out of the Great Lakes.