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Dog Owners Warned of Razor-laced Tennis Balls and Left in Park

Who in their right mind would do this! Can you imagine if you found razor-laced tennis balls in your dog park?

My dog has been at the ER vet this week (another story) and the lobby was full of dog and cat owners. Many were complaining about something their dog ate at the park and because their dog was vomiting. People leaving razor-laced tennis balls could turn into something much worse than just a sick stomach!

MSN reports that dog owners who found a razor blade concealed inside a tennis ball at a popular country park have issued a warning to other pet owners. The incident is believed to have happened in Lyme Park near Disley in Stockport. I'm sure this could happen to anyone (any dog) in any dog park.

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MSN reports that owners discovered the razors after the dogs started chewing the tennis balls.

"They say their puppies began chewing at it however it then disintegrated and a brand new razor blade was found wedged inside. They say "can't bear to think of the consequences" had the dogs chewed or swallowed the blade itself during incident which they have reported to police and park rangers."

Look at this terrible image of what this person or persons did to the ball!

These vicious razor blade tennis balls targeting dogs at the dog park could have created a lot of harm and many dogs may have ended up in the vet hospital.

The local dog walker that reported this news is a hero! She said she even threw the ball for her dog! Luckily these were found at the far end of the park and as far as we know they weren't spread throughout the area.

The incident is being investigated by local police. Who would intentionally create these doctored balls and want to target dogs like this? We are happy to know that people are constantly using social media to report incidents similar to this one as everyone should have a safe place to take their pups.

This was a top story we almost couldn't believe when we saw the headlines. You can find more information at the Stockport Crime Watch Facebook Page.

If there are further developments we will update this post. We're confident there will be additional checks in the areas they found the balls.

What do you think? Have you ever seen this happen where you live? Please leave us a comment below! 

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