Rat Fishing Lure
YouTube: NDYakAngler

Rat Fishing Lure Proves Extremely Effective on Big Largemouth Bass

Are rodents really on the menu for bass?

When most anglers think about the diet of a largemouth bass, they are likely thinking of the usual suspects. Shiners, bluegills, crayfish, and frogs are all frequently consumed prey items for these eating machines. Bass will eat just about anything they can fit into those gaping mouths though.

Most fishermen and women rarely consider rodents as being part of a bass' diet. However, it makes sense to think they sometimes end up in the belly of a bass. After all, mice and rats are a vital part of the food chain for many species, and a bass that is hungry enough is probably not going to think twice about downing one.

Still, there is a real lack of lures on the market that seek to imitate a mouse or rat swimming through the water. After watching today's video from NDYakAngler, we are starting to think there may be a need for more on the market.

We do not know about you, but for us, but we would consider this to be an excellent day of fishing. These bass were clearly in pre-spawn mode and were suspending deep looking to fill their bellies before they go shallow to spawn. They were probably willing to eat just about anything and everything in this scenario.

The tantalizing action of that rat lure just helped the situation even more. If you have ever seen a rodent swim through the water, they do not undulate back and forth like that as they go. However, it probably does not matter. You may even be able to make a case that the bass were responding more to the action than the profile of the lure. They likely do not see a lure like this often, which probably also helps. Either way, this was the perfect pattern at the right time.

The lesson to take away from this video is to always have a wide variety of lures in your tackle box. One just never knows what lure is going to be hot at what moment. Placing the right lure in front of the right fish at the correct time could result in a new personal best!

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