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Rare Smokey Grey Gobbler Gets Dropped

With the turkey gods watching over them, these hunters lay down multiple smokey grey toms over a few year span.

There is something special and majestic about a gobbler strutting in the spring. All the colors of their feathers and head changing with the angle the sun hits them. It's an array of colors that leaves us longing for more.

But these rare smokey grey gobblers might just be more astonishing in their own way.

Somewhat rare, these white feathered turkeys are called smoke-phased turkeys. Beautiful and almost ghostly looking, the turkeys stand out and make for a pretty special looking animal. It is guessed that there is 1 smoke phased turkey in every 100 turkeys.

I have only seen one in my days, but this hunting group lucks out and bags their fourth. You don't want to miss it.

It is pretty astonishing to think they had that many smokey turkeys in there area. The coloring phase is said to be natural. With 15 years of previous hunting without seeing one, to then have four on the property was a blessing.

Awesome hunt and amazing bird.

Like he said, we feel bad for you if you have never been able to experience turkey hunting.

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