Tommy Brandenburg/Facebook

Rare Moment as Hunter Watches (and Films!) a Fave Buck Shed Antlers, Then Finds Them

To watch a whitetail buck shed his antlers is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. To then find them...priceless!

Tommy Brandenburg has a lot of history with a four-year-old Illinois buck he has named 'Baby 12.' Numerous encounters over the years have cemented a special type of bond, making what happened on December 30 all the more special.

Few have been fortunate to watch a whitetail buck shed it's antlers. To catch a deer in the act, all the while filming it, and then proceed to find them...well, we call that something priceless. Read Brandenburg's own words from a Facebook posting he made:

"Today was a day I will never forget! I was in my way to Menards passing a farm I hunt and spotted Baby 12 bedded 40 yards off the road. I parked and walked into wind to film him with the phone. The rest is still hard for my to believe! I have SO much history and encounters with this 4 year old Illinois buck!! No doubt will be my number one next year if he can avoid the roads! Another buck that has lived in my Horny Buck Seed plots his whole life!! He was a 12 pt at age of 1 1/2 and I've called him baby 12 since. I knew then if I let him grow until 5 I would have something special. All I can say is that it was a very special moment today! Blessed."

And here's the amazing footage captured from out in the field:




Talk about one heck of an experience! That's what outdoor memories are all about, both from a deer and shed hunter's perspective - all rolled up into one. And in case you were wondering, the sheds scored 172 inches.

Who has seen a buck drop a shed in the wild? If you have, you're a member of an enviable group. And yes, we're jealous.