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Huge Rainbow Trout Caught in Idaho

Last month, Idaho angler Dave Whitworth caught a monster of a fish.

On November 24, Whitworth snagged a huge rainbow trout out of Mackay Reservoir in Idaho using a dry-fly.

His catch is one of the biggest rainbow trout ever found in the reservoir, which is mostly known for small trout and kokanee.

The Idaho Department of Fish and Wildlife told the Idaho Statesman that they were surprised to see such a large trout in the reservoir.

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Whitworth didn’t measure or weigh his catch, but he estimates it was around 34-inches long and approximately 14 to 18 pounds.

He released the trout shortly after catching it.


Image via Rob Thornberry, Idaho Statesman

“I would have never ever ever thought that we would catch that big of fish there,” Whitworth said in an Idaho Statesman article. “That leads me to believe there are big fish everywhere.”

Whitworth caught the trout using a No. 14 scud hook, 6-pound test and a 6-weight rod.

He said he released the trout back into the reservoir because he doesn’t eat his catches, and wanted the fish to live on.

“I caught the fish of a lifetime, and I know I am never going to catch a bigger trout,” said Whitworth. “It is time to die.”

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Huge Rainbow Trout Caught in Idaho