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Quick and Dirty Dry-Dropper Rig Knot for Fly Fishing

Let Doug Garvey show you how to tie a Dry-dropper rig in no time.

Also known as a double nymph rig, the dry-dropper rig is a great way to tie additional flies to your line wit ease. Learn how using the clinch knot at the bend of the hook makes this simple and fast.

The Dry-Dropper Rig from Anglers All on Vimeo.

In case you missed it, here's the steps Doug used for tying that clinch knot to the hook:

1. Hold the line in both hands and twist one end several times.

2. Then, take the tag and thread it through the loop.

3. Next, put the hook through the loop.

4. Pull the tag ends and trim them.

As you can see there are many ways to attach tippet to the bend of a hook to make a dry-dropper rig, and you've just seen how to do one of them in detail. Practice this method at home so you can be even better and faster when it's time to hit the river.


Quick and Dirty Dry-Dropper Rig Knot for Fly Fishing