Pursue the Wild: The Most Genuine Meaning of Hunting

Success afield is marked by many things: the only one that truly matters is enjoying the outdoors and the experience with the people that we love.

In the latest episode of Pursue The Wild, I hunt turkeys in Oregon while celebrating friendship and sharing my final hunt with my beloved friend Rick Carone.

Armed with the God-given gift of leadership and the ability to inspire the hearts of all who meet him, Rick Carone lived purposefully and passionately.

At the age of 42, Rick faced head on a diagnosis of Pancreatic Cancer. The doctors gave Rick statistics that offered him a 15% chance of surviving beyond year one, but Rick was not one to let adversity and challenge slow him down.

Brought to his knees by his diagnosis, Rick found the strength to stand up and fight with the power of his self-proclaimed triple threat of attack on cancer: Faith, family, and friends.

With a God-given purpose, Rick shared his incredible personal story with the nation. He inspired the dreams and hopes of others while touching the most important landscape, our hearts, and helping to raise awareness and helping the fight to shut down cancer.

After a four-year battle, on June 29th, Rick Carone was called home. He did not lose his battle with cancer, he used his battle to leave a legacy that will now be carried on by the friends that loved him.

To continue Rick's fight to shut down cancer go here, and support Rick's daughter's Karsyn and Tyler's college expenses here.