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Dog and Fawn Are Unlikely Best Friends on German Christmas Tree Farm

FB/Ritterhof Durbach

When Carla the Labrador found an abandoned baby stag a year ago, no one would've guessed the dog and fawn pair would still be best friends.

The Ritterhof Durlach is a 200-year-old Christmas tree farm near Germany's Black Forest. When co-owner Helga Kuderer and her dog Carla ran into this tiny fawn a year ago there, the two animals immediately took to one another as the fawn was nursed back to health by the family.

Bottle-fed goat's milk for six months by Helga, Peterle the Deer bonded with Carla the Lab especially, as she began to clean him and nurture him as if he were a pup just like her. The videos of the two playing in the woods are all the explanation one needs on the bonds of this unlikely friendship.

Peterle doesn't live at the family's home and instead flies solo in the woods near the house. He's been seen socializing with local deer, too. He's outfitted with a special orange collar to prevent so that hunters will avoid targeting him in the woods, making sure Carla has her friend around for some time to come.

However, he does always seem to make his way back to visit Carla, especially during play time and dinner time. Helga told NBC News, "Every day, Peterle visits Carla, they play around, cuddle and then eat some oatmeal and dog cookies together." The dog and fawn pair are near inseparable, and just as adorable to boot.

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Dog and Fawn Are Unlikely Best Friends on German Christmas Tree Farm