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Pulling the Figure-Eight Trick at the Boat Works Again

figure eight muskie tips

When it comes to fickle muskie, there always seems to be one trick that works when they follow your lure into the boat.

Before pulling your lure up out of the water, entice the muskie with the figure eight. We've seen it work before and those who use it often, claim muskie just aren't as aggressive as other fish. They will, however, follow your lure in right up to the point where you pull it out of the water. That's when it's best to pull a tool from the toolbox and bust out a figure eight.

The change in direction is said to cause the muskie to strike. The excitement itself is quite the adrenaline rush. Never done it before? Trying to understand exactly what it is we're talking about? Well, we've got you boat side tickets to a really good show. Take a look at this really cool video and see just how intense it can be.

So the music sets the tone for the video, there's no denying that. But there's also no denying the figure eight works. We've seen it before and we don't know who was the first to coin this brilliant idea, but the enticement works to get that muskie turned on.

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Pulling the Figure-Eight Trick at the Boat Works Again