Pug Puns Guaranteed To Take the "Pug-gle" Out of Your Day

Pugs don't get as much love as they should. After all, it's not their fault we bred them to look like that! Pugs are one of the oldest dog breeds, most famously loved for their faces that look rather unfortunately squashed. Fortunately, pugs also have adorable tail curls, as well as big beautiful puppy eyes that are pretty hard to resist. Pug owners find it hard to resist their charm and allure, and pugs are pretty good at melting just about anyone's heart. Whether you're a pug fan or not, pug puns have a knack for making a bad day just a little bit more tolerable.

Pugs are adorable in their own right, but it helps the animal pun game that their name is so short. Such a short breed name lends itself to a variety of hilarious memes, puns, and jokes, so we're kind of loving the pug life over here. Here are some of our favorites.

cat and pug enjoying pug puns together

Oh yeah, the puggle is real...

Oh my pug-ness!

What do you call a dog that likes carrots? Pugs Bunny.

Why can't pugs play nice with others? Because they're all about that pug life.

Had a bad day? Just pug-et about it!

pug doing yoga for pug puns

Why do pugs always look so happy? They're just pugsitive!

Did somebody order a pugkin spice latte?

Where does the dog plug in their charger? The pug socket.

Just about had it with these dog puns? Abso-pugging-lutely!

What's a pug dog's favorite book? Hairy Pugger!

pug upside down on couch listening to pug puns

The best thing about a dog is all the pugs and kisses they shower us with.

Oh no! We've got bed pugs!

Why do pugs hate the rain? They don't want to step in a poodle!

What's a dog's favorite food? Spughetti.

What does the grouchy pug say at Christmas? Bah Humpug!

pug hiding from pug puns

What's a doggy's favorite pizza? Pugaroni pizza.

Call a plumber. The tub is pugged up!

What do you call a boat steered by a dog? A pug boat.

Oh, for pug's sake!

Holy Pugamole!

This article was originally published September 22, 2021.