Arizona Fish and Game Department via 12NEWS

Probably Not a Good Idea to Take a Fawn to a Bar

Arizona 'kidnappers' decide to bring a baby deer to a bar.

Near Salome, a baby deer was taken from the wild. To show the animal off, the "kidnapper" then brought it into town: specifically, to a bar. Shortly thereafter, Arizona Game and Fish took possession of the deer.

Mike Demlong a AZGFD Wildlife Education program manager told reporters, "This truly is an unfortunate situation for this deer fawn. Instead of living a life in the wild, it must now remain in captivity due to the irresponsible actions of one person. The fawn is healthy, but requires feeding every three to four hours, which is time consuming and costly in the long run. The Department will keep the fawn for a few days to ensure it is healthy and feeding well, then it will be transferred to wildlife sanctuary in Arizona." 

Demlong when on to say that young wildlife are rarely abandoned so there is no need to rescue them if seen alone in the wild.

This story should serve as a reminder to leave young creatures in the woods. Your attempts to rescue them will only threaten their life, making them dependent on human nurturing.