Indoor Shooting Range
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Private Home Has an Indoor Gun Range and Firearms Collection That Dreams Are Made Of

This private gun range is the stuff dreams are made of.

While we love a little time doing target practice, we do not like heading to the shooting range. You must share space with other firearms enthusiasts. Half the time your favorite spot on the range is already occupied by another shooter. Then there are the rules about the types of ammo you can use and how fast you can shoot.

As much as we like socializing with others at the range, there are also times where you just want to shoot by yourself to relax after a long day at work. Having your own private shooting range sounds like a dream right?

Well, at least one die-hard firearms enthusiast made that dream a reality, as you will see in this video. Not only does this homeowner have a firearms collection most of us can only dream about, they also have their own indoor, private shooting range!

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An indoor range like this likely requires not just a great backstop and soundproofing abilities, but also a ventilation system to vent smoke from the shooting. All of these costs likely add up to one very expensive home project! The video's description says this home is about 14,000 square feet, which is about 13,000 square feet too much for me personally, but I still want an indoor range like this in the basement!

As if we aren't green with envy enough at the firearm collection in this home, the indoor shooting range is the icing on the cake. Like many others, I'd be happy with a large backyard in the country where I could go shooting any time I wanted, but this homeowner took things a step further. They can shoot whenever they want in whatever weather conditions.

That means that even when it is freezing in the dead of winter, they can head down and pop off a few rounds whenever they want. We don't know about you, but we'd love this indoor range for after work when we're feeling stressed and need to unwind. Of course, we'd end up burning through a lot more ammo if that were the case!

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