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Primitive Technology: Starting Over at a New Location

Our man in the jungle has a new location from which to practice his primitive skills. He's starting over, and his first project is setting up a shelter.

That's exciting news for those of us who have followed his exploits for a while.

We've seen him go from building simple shelters and making fire and stone tools. We've also seen him craft kilns and furnaces where he fires clay roof tiles and pottery, and we've even seen him explore smelting earthen metals.

Now it appears he's stepping back a little bit. He indicates that he's purchased some land with a creek running through it, which offers good clay and stone.

His first project at the new site is building a shelter and making a fire, and he does it all completely from scratch, using only his hands and knowledge.

It's pretty cool to see him return to the basics of simple survival.

He clears an area using a stone axe he knapped and builds a domed hut using 600 palm fronds, cut with a stone flake. He then makes a fire to keep the mosquitos at bay, using fire sticks and palm fiber tinder.

Fire and shelter are two basic survival requirements, and he builds them both with the expert efficiency that comes from repeated practice. This should be a lesson for anyone interested in improving their survival skill set: practice is the key to confidence and success.

He's shared his projects with more than 6.7 million subscribers. It's been a fascinating journey for himself and his viewers, everyone has undoubtedly learned a lot from his monthly videos.

Don't forget to turn on the closed captions feature if you want some text commentary as he goes through each step of his projects.

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