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SPLAT! How to Make This Deadfall Trap for Survival Situations

This live video showing a few mice getting squished shows just how effective the figure four deadfall can be.

The figure four deadfall trap is a simple, efficient and proven animal trap. Every outdoorsman should know how to make and use it for worst case scenarios. Shawn Woods shows how to do it.

Woods is a primitive archery and survival skills expert and historian. His video tutorials also mark him as a solid educator, as he routinely presents instruction in a clear and adept manner.

Here, he shows how to fashion a working deadfall before setting a few and letting a camera capture the results.

"It doesn't get much more simple than this," he says. "A flat rock, and three sticks with notches carved into them. And you have all you need to trap small animals."

A bit of advice I'd offer to add to Woods' instruction is to practice making this deadfall. Then, practice making it some more. As with any survival or bushcraft skill, practice, practice, and more practice is the key to being able to replicate the skill in the less than ideal circumstances of a real survival situation.

Work all the kinks out - and have some fun knocking the rodent population in your backyard or basement down a bit - before the the stress, weather, hunger, or whatever else you have to deal with in the bush leads to frustration and failure.

Finding a critter for dinner under a deadfall trap you've made yourself can satisfy your hunger and enhance your confidence that you'll be able to overcome whatever survival circumstance you may find yourself in.

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SPLAT! How to Make This Deadfall Trap for Survival Situations