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Primitive Technology: How to Build an Elaborate A-Frame Hut with Stone Age Tools

This man uses nothing but primitive tools he made from natural materials to build shelter.

The primitive technology efforts from this New Zealander are simply amazing. The fact that he fashions Stone Age tools from materials in the countryside with nothing more than his hands is astounding by itself. But then he uses those tools to create elaborate shelters. And then to top it off, he then films his efforts for the world to enjoy, which is very edifying and inspirational for all of us.

It just shows what modern humans are capable of with the barest of materials.

In this video, he builds an elaborate A-frame structure with one solid wall made by the wattle and daub method, a rainwater-diverting ditch, a bed and a fire pit. He uses no scaffolding and no modern materials.

He does a great job in filming every step in the process. Even though he offers no spoken explanation as he makes the stone axe and the hut, his filming of every aspect of the project should be enough for anyone to follow and duplicate it.

If you're not in a jungle environment and don't have palm fronds to cover the hut, you could use pine bows, cattails, bark or any other similar material.

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