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Primitive Technology: Building a Barrel Tiled Shed and Furnace From Mud

barrel tiled shed

Our man in the jungle has done it again. This time he’s created a barrel tiled shed from materials of the forest, using no tools but those he makes himself.

This fellow continues to impress and amaze. His ingenuity and resourcefulness is enviable, as this time he builds a barrel tiled shed from only materials found at hand and using no hand tools other than what he crafts himself.

First he cut the framework of the shed from small standing trees using stone axes. He laid everything out, inserted the foundational poles into the ground, and then places the roof poles on top. In fitting the roof poles to the ground structure he started by chiseling out a section of the pole, in the style of a post-and-beam or mortise-and-tenon fitting.

He then used a blowpipe and hot coals to further burn out the space in the pole.

Then he built a furnace or kiln, using clay he retrieved from a creek bed with the help of a woven basket. As for the curved barrel tiles, he found that he could make around 30 per day. He needed around 150 total in order to fully tile the roof.

He added a grog (crushed pottery) to the clay to help it avoid cracking. The barrel tiles were fashioned in a cane twig form and then gently curved over a half log form. They dried in this shape, but he found that unseasonable rains limited his production of tiles, as the rain would damage the tiles before they completely dried.

After firing the tiles they became waterproof and fireproof. He intends to use this barrel tiled shed as a work station and a place to store firewood and other materials. It has no walls and allows light to come in nicely to illuminate whatever he’s working on.

Check out his website, Primitive Technology, for a more detailed accounting of the building of this shed.

Like what you see here? You can read more great articles by David Smith at his facebook page, Stumpjack Outdoors.

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Primitive Technology: Building a Barrel Tiled Shed and Furnace From Mud