Pretty Blonde Bites Off Fish Head to Bait a Hook

This woman shows all the men out there how you really bait a hook.

Brace yourselves, fellas. Some of you might find this downright disgusting and others might be racing to get down on one knee. But this blonde goes and baits a hook like we have never seen, and she doesn't even need a knife.

She grabs what looks to be a shad, takes a bite out of it as if it was a hamburger, smiles for the camera, and baits her hook.

...then spits the remnants over the side of the boat and tells you "And that's how you do it!" with just a little bit of blood on her teeth.

So, ladies, the bar has been set. Just kidding... you can just use a knife.

Okay, it is a little gross, but it's still impressive. Many of you outdoorsmen minds are screaming marriage and wife material. But, I will be really impressed when she starts doing it with stink bait.

Am I right?

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