How to Be Prepared When This Warm Hunting Season Gets Cold

This year has been especially warm for hunting, but it won't stay that way.

Every couple years, we get one like this where it just seems to stay warm, which feels weird when you're sitting in the woods. We associate camouflage with brisk weather, so it has a tendency to throw us off a little when the two don't line up.

However, it seems like whenever we do get a warm year like this, it does get cold, but it comes out of no where. You don't want to be unprepared on the morning of a big hunt because the temperature dropped 30 degrees in a night and never replaced your heavy hunting coat.

Here are some great deals you can jump on now to get yourself ready.

Guide Gear Steadfast 4-in-1 Hunting Parka

This heavy, waterproof jacket features 150-gram Thinsulate Platinum insulation and X-Static odor control, making it a great all-around hunting jacket. While you need to keep yourself warm, hunters often sacrifice warmth for price. This jacket is less than $200, though, making it both versatile and practical.

Guide Gear Men's Whist Pants with W3 Fleece

Anyone who hunts in colder areas of the country knows the feeling of shivering legs when you're trying to sit still in your blind. These fleece pants are currently on sale and offer a hunter the warmth they can't get from a pair of jeans.

Guide Gear Men's Heavyweight Fleece Base Layer Top and Bottoms

Long underwear is huge when it comes to hunting. It saves you the trouble of loading up on so many layers you can't move, and it keep you far more comfortable. When it comes to material, fleece maintains body heat well as a first layer, adding both of these to your hunting wardrobe can make a huge difference.