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Predator Call Sends Bear Running Straight Into Hunter's Scope

Things can happen really quickly if you're calling brown bear, so make sure you're set up and ready to shoot before blowing that call!

Their diet varies considerably over the course of the year, and Alaska Brown Bears eat a wide variety of food including berries, salmon and even other bears. They'll also readily eat moose, caribou, and any other prey species that inhabit the same area.

Not surprisingly, many bears associate the sound of a deer in distress with an easy meal and will come in to investigate. Sometimes the big bear will approach slowly and carefully. However, particularly hungry bears will come to the call at a dead run.

That's what happened during this particular hunt up in Alaska when the guide started predator calling. He tried it on not just one, but two different brown bears over the course of just two days. Food sources aren't too plentiful, so an easy meal in the form of a small animal is appetizing to most bears. Apply it to your strategy for hunting bear, and you might get some action.

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Watch the video to see what kind of reaction a predator call gets out of these bruins.

Good thing they were ready, because that bear wasn't messing around! Luckily, the hunter was appropriately armed with a .375 H&H Magnum (shooting 300gr Barnes TSX bullets), and knew how to use it. That's an exciting way to punch a bear tag.

That cartridge/ammunition combination is well suited for hunting virtually every big game animal that walks the Earth and this video is a good demonstration of what it can do in the right hands. If he were so inclined, that hunter could use that exact rifle and ammo to hunt moose or caribou up in Alaska or even take it to Africa for plains game or cape buffalo with great results.

Bear calling (with manual or electronic calls) isn't all that common, but maybe this video will shift your thinking on the subject. Calls work under certain circumstances!

For what it's worth, this hunt was guided by Billy Molls and took place on the Alaska Peninsula, which has some of the best Brown Bear hunting in the entire state.

Those hunts aren't for the faint of heart, but as you saw in the video, are an amazing wilderness experience.

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