elk vs. wolves
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Footage Shows Wolf Pack Attacking a Group of Elk

If you don't understand why hunters want to control wolf populations, this video is for you.

A hot topic of controversy is the population control of wolves in North America. Many people believe it should be legal to hunt wolves as they can have a very noticeable impact on elk herds. But there are also a large group of people who oppose this notion, demanding all wolf hunting be banned.

It's hard for non-hunters to understand how much devastation wolves can inflict on various cervid herds.

However, this video paints a picture that's hard to erase from your memory.

Watch as a pack of what looks to be 11 wolves attacks a group of five elk.


Now that's what I call a hot pursuit! Those elk are lucky there was so much snow on the ground, otherwise they might not have gotten away.

This high-speed chase took place Jan. 27, 2019, in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. The people filming the event were on a private winder wildlife tour with Yellowstone Insight, a guiding company that operates within the park.

I think it's safe to say they weren't expecting this kind of show when they booked their trip to Yellowstone!

To double back, hunters don't want to eviscerate the wolf population in the United States, but rather keep it under control.

Farmers and ranchers in wolf country face the risk of having their livelihood damaged or destroyed by wolves. Families face the risk of losing pets to wolves, too. Just as we control coyotes and hogs in the South, we have to control wolves.