.416 Rigby Elephant Gun

You Need to See This Demonstration of a .416 Rigby Elephant Gun's Power

Check out this demonstration of Mauser's .416 Rigby elephant gun. This thing has some serious power that will blow your mind and knock your socks off.

When you've got a pissed off elephant or buffalo charging at you, you need to have a serious gun in your hands. Mauser's .416 Rigby elephant gun is just the ticket. A single round from a .416 Rigby has over 5,000 foot pounds of energy, and the Mauser .416 Rigby elephant gun can carry up to five bullets at a time (four in the magazine and one in the chamber).

As Ron Spomer demonstrates in the video (he doesn't fall down this time), a skilled shooter can empty the magazine of the Mauser .416 Rigby in a matter of seconds and still hit the target.

You definitely don't want to be on the wrong end of one of those bullets. Watch what they do to those water jugs! Now that is some power!

Pretty impressive right?

There's a lot to like about the Mauser .416 Rigby elephant gun: it has a big magazine, it's powerful, and a skilled shooter can empty the magazine quickly and accurately. As Ron states in the video, the second shot from a double rifle may be a little bit faster than the second shot from the Mauser, but the 3rd, 4th, and 5th shots are significantly faster from the Mauser. Also, the Mauser .416 Rigby elephant gun isn't cheap, but it's a whole lot less expensive than a double rifle.

All that being said though, the Mauser .416 Rigby is not for sissies. Even in an 11-pound rifle, it still has over 52 foot pounds of recoil energy, which is more than twice the recoil of a .30-06 Springfield.

This rifle is ideal for hunters pursuing thick skinned dangerous game in Africa, it still has plenty of applications for hunters in North America. This would also be a great rifle to have when hunting hogs or dealing with a charging brown bear.

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