Porsche Abandoning Diesel Engines for Now

In 2009, Porsche jumped on the diesel-powered bandwagon with the oil-burning Cayenne. But with the rise of electric vehicles, the company is set to sell its final diesel engine.

But batteries and electrical cords aren't the only things to blame for the development. Anyone following the automotive news cycle, and diesel news specifically, will remember the emissions testing debacle over at Volkswagen.

That controversy dropped a large, black cloud of doom on diesel engines worldwide. And since VW, Porsche and Audi worked together on engine technology, the Porsche faced the same mandate the others did: fix your diesel engines or else.

Like VW, Porsche is taking the "or else" choice, judging by a report in Autocar.

Porsche Mission E

But U.S. car shoppers will probably not take much notice of the absence of diesel-engined Porsches. Porsche only sold the Cayenne with a diesel option in the U.S., and for just three years. Overseas, shoppers still have time to buy a diesel Macan or Panamera before inventories are depleted.

Still want a Porsche but don't want to pay a gas-guzzler tax? Plug-in hybrid versions of the Macan, Panamera and Cayenne are available now, and the all-electric Mission-E is in development with production set for sometime in 2020.

And if you're really clamoring, there's a bit of good news. After the Autocar report ran, Porsche Cars of Great Britain stressed the fact that they'll still be launching a new diesel-based Cayenne.


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