Police Officer Surprised To Find Rattlesnake While Searching Car
Photo by David McNew/Getty Images

Police Officer Surprised To Find Rattlesnake While Searching Car: "Holy S–t, That’s A Big One"

One traffic stop did not go according to plan. While searching a car, a very surprised police officer found a very live and angry rattlesnake. It's safe to say that he was more than shocked.

The incident happened when police officers pulled over a 2013 Toyota Camry. The cops instantly saw some drug paraphernalia in plain view so the cops decided to search the vehicle. The officer in question found a bin in the back of the car. A body cam showed his surprised reaction. He lifted the lid but immediately dropped it when he heard a loud hiss. The officer realized it was a snake.

"Yo, you got a rattlesnake in here? What the f-k, dude? Are you kidding me? There's a f-king live rattlesnake in this bin. Yeah, it's rattling at me," the first officer exclaimed, according to News 9.

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The officer compared the discovery to the Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin. He said he's seen the videos and knows "how these things go." "As soon as I opened it, I saw it cock its head back at me and I slammed it shut," the shocked officer added. "I've seen enough Steve Irwin documentaries. I know how these things go."

Police Shocked To Find Rattlesnake

The Wheat Ridge Police Department released the body camera footage showing the encounter with the snake. You can watch it in full below. The owner of Toyota Camry was also surprised by the discovery. She explained that she lent the car to a friend and had no knowledge of drug paraphernalia or the large rattlesnake in the back.

The officer explained the situation to another officer on the scene. "It just cocked back and started trying to snap at me and I when I opened that," he explained. The other officer replied, "Holy s-t, that's a big one."

"Wow, I can honestly say I never expected to see that," the officer added. "Does he have any other things that might bite me?" Besides the snake, police officers found methamphetamine, a gun, and tin foil with burn marks. However, despite the findings, police aren't charging the owner with any crimes. Instead, they're looking for the friend in question.

Ultimately, the police took the evidence but refused to handle the snake. They told the car owner to take it to a veterinarian. So there's some things that police won't tangle with.