Ranger Accessory Collections

Polaris Announces Special RANGER Accessory Collections Curated by Hunters, Ranchers, and Craftsmen

Polaris announces new partnerships and new accessory collections for RANGER.

The Polaris RANGER is a pretty sweet side-by-side off-road UTV. We had a lot of fun with them in a Texas ORV park last year, and on a Louisiana duck hunt prior to that.

It's tough to imagine Polaris Industries making them even better, but they pulled it off. The company just announced a new collection of individual accessories designed to fit a variety of needs.

Read on to find out how the new RANGER accessory collection can benefit you and your side-by-side.

The collections

Polaris loves teaming with outdoor and ranch-centric professionals. On the trip last year we chatted with world champion tie-down roper Tyson Durfey about his partnership with the company. And yes, we saw first hand that these professionals really do use the machines to make what they love easier and more enjoyable.

For this new collection, they're teaming with five pros, each with wildly different backgrounds. There is well-known big game hunters Lee and Tiffany Lakosky, legendary waterfowler Tony Vandemore, 24-time world champion cowboy Trevor Brazile and master craftsman Mark Bowe.

Each of these professionals get their own RANGER accessory collection and they all sound pretty darn cool. We'll give you a rundown of each.

Mark Bowe, the Craftsman Collection

You may known Mark from the DIY Network TV show Barnwood Builders. This guy is a serious craftsman and he needs some serious tools for the heavy-duty construction projects he tackles.

His collection features eight accessories. The most important ones are the Lock & Ride Tool Rack, chainsaw mount, storage box, and bed with an extender/divider to help transport tools.

This package also includes a 4,500-pound winch which comes with what Polaris is calling a "rapid rope recovery" set. It also features an LED Light Bar, and a Pro Armor Wheel & tire set: Harvester and Buckle in matte black.

"Whether it's using your chainsaw, or hauling wood to your next project, the Craftsman Collection features my favorite RANGER accessories and is created for those that live for the thrill of building and creating something truly unique," Bowe said in the official announcement.

This package sounds like the handyman's dream to us. Anyone who's good with their hands should be able to tackle a variety of projects with it.

Trevor Brazile, the Ranch Collection

Trevor is one of the most decorated cowboys of all time. He's won multiple world titles in tie-down roping, team roping and steer roping. Oh, and no one else in the history of rodeo has won more all-around cowboy world titles.

He may have finally retired from full-time rodeo last year, but we all know cowboys never really stop working on the ranches they love. When it's time to feed the animals or clean stalls, Brazile is still called to duty.

Bowe's Craftsman accessory collection features a winch and rope recovery system, but the winch is stepped up to 6,000 pounds with Brazile's approval. It also includes an eight-vent heater defrost system, 10-inch spot LED light, a work beacon light, an under seat storage box, and tip-down "headache" rack. This package also has the bed extender/divider. It features a wheel and tire set called Buckle - Accent & Dual-Threat.

"There's a lot of things that have to get done on a ranch every day. I can't imagine anyone in the western industry not having one of these machines," Brazile said. "Anybody who has had a RANGER knows how much easier it makes life on a ranch."

Lee & Tiffany Lakosky, the Big Game Collection

Lee and Tiffany have built a huge following for their TV show "The Crush" and have amassed a lot of respect in the hunting community over the years. Their accessory collection was tailored specifically to hunting big game. This collection also includes the heater and defrost system, winch and work light.

Polaris added a lock and ride Kolpin Rhino Grip PRO system to the hood to allow safe transport of a firearm or bow. There's a combo LED light bar that will come in handy for trailing and dressing game. The tire and wheel set is called "matte black and attack 2.0."

"Polaris RANGER continues to help us conquer more terrain and get more done while out on a hunt," Tiffany said when the collection was announced.

Tony Vandemore, the Waterfowl Collection

Tony is co-owner of Habitat Flats, a prestigious waterfowl hunting lodge, and he's gained something of a legendary reputation for ducks and geese. It's no surprise to us that his collection is geared towards serious waterfowl hunters.

This accessory boost has a 4,500-pound winch and the recovery rope system. The lock and ride cargo max system helps transport decoys and blind materials with ease. The Waterfowl Collection also features an in-cab gun mount to safely transport to the field, a word beacon LED light and a Mud XC - Shackle wheel and tire set specially designed for the muddy terrain you must hunt to be successful with waterfowl.

"The Waterfowl Collection was created with hunters in mind and adds increased performance, capability and durability to make their next hunt as successful as possible," Vandemore said in a press release.

Overall, these RANGER accessory collections look incredibly cool. There should be something here to suit any serious outdoorsman or woman's needs.

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