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This Is Why You Don't Poke an Anaconda in the Face

YouTube: Boludoman

Poking an anaconda may seem like fun, or a quick thrill, but this guy finds out pretty quickly that it's not the best idea.

This cameraman sees an anaconda's head barely submerged beneath the water's surface, and decides to sneak up to it and poke it with a stick.

I'm not sure what exactly this guy hoped to achieve, but in the blink of an eye, this anaconda is in his face ready to attack.

Watch the video below:

Key lesson: don't poke snakes with short sticks.

We could've told you that beforehand! It's a good thing this guy has quick reflexes, but let's face it, if it weren't for guys like this then we wouldn't have these awesome videos to watch from the palm of our hand... and very far from the snakes.

If anyone was wondering what might happen after poking an anaconda in the face, well, now you know. So take a lesson from this video, and don't be this guy.



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This Is Why You Don't Poke an Anaconda in the Face