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Poacher May Face 7 Years of Hard Time for Shooting Game Warden

A recent New York hunting accident could result in prison time. 

Alan Blanchard, a 55-year-old man from Columbia County, could face up to seven years in prison after pleading guilty to an accident that occurred in December. Alan accidentally shot a state wildlife officer while poaching a deer and pled guilty to a felony second-degree assault. The crime also carries a fine up to $5,000.

The incident unfolded when Conservation Officer James Davey and DEC Lt. Liza Bobseine were investigating a poaching case. That was when Davey was shot in the pelvis from Blanchard firearm.

Davey is undergoing rehabilitation for his injuries currently. Alan and his hunting partner did remain on the scene and assisted with rescue efforts before he was ultimately arrested.

The Columbia County District Attorney Paul Czajka shared a statement,

“We hope that this conviction will deter other irresponsible hunters — an extremely small minority — from similar criminal conduct… I want to thank New York State Police Senior Investigator Bill Mulrein and give the highest praise to (Davey and Bobseine). These brave public servants work night and day to enforce the law and protect us all.”

Let this be a stern reminder to be safe while hunting this fall. Follow the law and be careful.


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Poacher May Face 7 Years of Hard Time for Shooting Game Warden