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Plano Synergy Severs Partnership with Bill Busbice and Wildgame Nation TV Show

Just a few days after the news breaking of the wildlife violation charges on Bill Busbice, Plano Synergy and Busbice mutually agree to separate and announce their decision.

If you haven't heard of the recent news about Bill Busbice (seriously, do you live under a rock?), go ahead and catch up on it here.

After Busbice was officially charged with the poaching of an anterless elk and hunting without a proper license, the Outdoor Channel released a statement of indefinitely suspending Bill and the outdoor television show he was a part of.

Well, there is more bad news today for Bill Busbice and Wildgame Nation TV as Plano Synergy, a large conglomerate of very respectable brands, has announced that they and Bill have mutually agreed to end their association together.

More details and the statement are below.

An Important Message from David E. Dudick, Chief Executive Officer

Over the course of the past 48 hours, Plano Synergy became aware of a situation which required swift and decisive action.

Today, Bill Busbice and Plano Synergy mutually agreed to end their association. Bill Busbice and his partners sold their outdoor brands to Plano Synergy in 2013. Since then, Bill has been providing services under contract to Plano Synergy, principally as a host of the Wildgame Nation television program, until today when that relationship was severed. Plano Synergy will also be cancelling the Wildgame Nation TV show.

Plano Synergy has a culture that is grounded in integrity and great respect for the outdoors. This comes with the expectation that we will always do the right thing. Our decisions will always reflect our commitments to our customers and consumers. We have a deep respect for the law, tradition and the ethical practices of our sports. We take pride in serving our industry and promote the fair and lawful practices of game hunting. Every day we strive to be a company that is trustworthy, respectful and fair with our consumers, employees, customers and business partners.

We thank you for your trust.

David E. Dudick
Chief Executive Officer

A big hit for the Wildgame group and Mr. Busbice, but one that you could probably see coming.

The industry and hunting community continue to be in an uproar of debate and back and forth discussions. Although no one obviously supports and agrees with Bill Busbice's decisions and actions, many feel the industry and community is crucifying him beyond what needs to be done.

While others are angered beyond belief of the actions and crimes of Busbice because of his position and wish he would be punished more.

It will be interesting to see how it all continues to unfold.

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