Pilot Flys With Waterfowl and the Footage is Mesmerizing

Something about a bird in mid-flight will put you at ease. This video is strangely mesmerizing and makes you want to take a trip with this pilot.

Either this pilot has a bunch of waterfowl and birds as pets, or he has some some special power and ability to get close to these beautiful birds.

It is incredible to see the wing beats and how the flock flies in synchronization. Honestly it almost looks fake. Check out this video, and I guarantee if you enjoy waterfowl hunting, you will be just as mesmerized as me.

Outsiders and anti-hunters might find it strange that hunters would enjoy this video so much, for the simple fact that we hunt and kill these birds for sport. But hunters have a tremendous respect for the game they chase and the fruits of labor that come from the hunts, which is dinner on the table.

From the start of a waterfowl hunt to the end, and all that comes in between, the sport is something special and near and dear to my heart.

I have hunted many birds and have had some incredible hunts in my short hunting career, but being able to see the birds up close and personal like this would be something special. The video is simply amazing and mesmerizing.

A ride with this pilot would for sure be an experience you would never forget. And you can see that in the passengers face's alone.

This method of following and flying with these birds has been used to learn more about migration for some time now and actually brought the reestablishment of the second migrating flock of whooping crane's in North America taking them off the endangered species list with a study by 'Father Goose' Bill Lishman.

What a neat thing to see and one that waterfowl hunters may only get to dream of experiencing. The only thing that would have made this video better would have been a group of green heads in flight!