Pigman Smokes Jumbo Hog From Sky High in Treestand

Bowhunting from this high requires you to play the angles, and Pigman plays them just right on this jumbo hog.

Most hog hunts you see will be from the ground, but hunting from a treestand over a good bait pile or feeder can be incredibly effective. And Brian "Pigman" Quaca shows just how effective he was when he lung punches one from about 30 feet above.

Pigman runs you through how you have to almost create a laser beam from your position to think of where the arrow will enter, which vitals it will touch, and where it will exit.

Sitting that high above your target, it is all about angles, and it looks like Quaca found the perfect angle on this monster pig.

Pigman shanked on one of the biggest pigs he's shot on the show over the years. It just shows you how tough these hogs are when it takes that shot and runs into the brush.

The toughest animal to kill, these feral hogs are capable of taking a lot of impact shots before giving up.

This couch of a pig weighed in at a whopping 268 lbs. Or as they like to say, bacon for days!

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