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Pigman Pulverizes Two Pigs with One Arrow


Forget two birds with one stone, how about two pigs with one arrow?

Pigman has made a living arrowing hogs with a bow and arrow. Hundreds of pigs have taken their final breaths because of his marksmanship. In this case, two pigs met their maker because of just one arrow from Pigman's bow, and the footage is epic.

As he often does, he let the pigs line up while feeding and was able to take out two hogs from the herd rather than just one.

Double lunging the first pig and then also getting a high lung shot on the second, the pigs would not go far.

Double Lung, Double Pigs Jimmy

For my English majors or the terminology police, here comes a sounder of hogs coming in. Spoiler alert though, two of them won't be around much longer.#KingOfShank #Whayyum #Tragic #SquirtyMcSquirterson

Posted by Brian 'Pigman' Quaca on Sunday, December 31, 2017

Texas has a huge hog problem, and when you're feeding protein to animals as an outfitter, they're a serious nuisance. You're essentially just throwing money away.

So, when you get the opportunity to take out a few pigs, you better take advantage of it. And when this sounder of hogs moves in, that's exactly what Pigman does. The way that lung blood was spewing, it should be an easy track job.


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Pigman Pulverizes Two Pigs with One Arrow