New Innovative Game Cart Turns Into Incredible Hunting Tool

In just a few simple steps, this game cart turns into a 360-degree shooting chair with a gun rest.

Innovation is key when bringing new products to market, especially in the hunting industry. If you want something to sell anymore, you have to manufacture something outdoorsmen and women haven't seen.

Available this fall, this game cart from Sportsman Inc. could have a huge impact on the industry. A game cart alone could be a great tool to have in the field, but that's not all it does. The video below surfaced on social media and has many hunters excited.

Watch as it transforms into a 360-degree shooting chair with an adjustable firearm rest, and then back to a game cart in a matter of seconds.

This cart is an incredible example of innovation, and I believe it'll have a spot within the market. The demo shows the product's capabilities as well as its user-friendliness. It's perfect for a ground blind setup, too, as long as you have a flat surface to set up on.

If they added a camo paint job, I imagine it'd be hard to keep them on the shelves.