11 Picture-Perfect Barn Weddings Where Love Is in the Air

Who needs a fancy reception hall for their wedding day when these picture-perfect photos prove that a barn works just as well?

Are you a little bit country? Do you dream of getting married in open fields or in the heart of a red barn, rather than in a church? Country weddings continue to be a popular option, and barns, if set up well, can create an elegant reception hall. Chances are if you opt for a rustic wedding, it's a day that you will never forget.

Not quite convinced? Then take a look at these gorgeous weddings. Every detail is in place, and the barns themselves provide a classic elegance to the reception. There are plenty of photo opportunities, and rustic barns offer lots of space so that you can be surrounded by your friends, family, and pets on your special day.

1. Simply Magical

2. Complete with a Wedding Goat

3. Stunning Barn Wedding

4. Rustic Wedding, Country Style

5. Wedding Entertainment

Chickens in a chicken coop with a bride in a background

6. Perfect Photo Op

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7. True Country Bride and Groom

8. A Perfect Entrance

9. And a Stylish Exit

10. A Wedding on Horseback

11. Rustic Wedding Chic


12. The Perfect Place

Rustic barn wedding venue with wedding dress in the middle

If you think a barn wedding might be perfect for you, then you'll need to carefully select the barn that you use. A wedding planner can help find you the perfect barn venue. Look for a barn wedding venue which is large enough to comfortably seat all of your guests for your rehearsal dinner, while also having room for a dance floor, food service, and more for the main event.

It is easiest to use a barn which doesn't house animals, since animals can cause a significant amount of dust. Look for a barn which is rented out for events - chances are these country wedding venues will have good flooring, space, and lighting.

If there are animals at your farm wedding setting, they can provide great photo opportunities. Be sure to make sure that they stay safe, though. Animals should be contained behind their pasture fencing, especially during an outdoor ceremony.

Explain to the wedding guests that animals can bite, and ask them not to feed the animals for health reasons. Alternatively, you might put out a bucket of treats which can be fed, but ask that no one feed the animals any other type of food.

With proper planning and some great decorations, a barn wedding ceremony can be a memorable success.

From Washington state, California, Vermont, Tennessee, Virginia, Wisconsin, there are plenty of wide open spaces that will provide the perfect setting of rustic elegance.

Did you have a gorgeous barn wedding? Show us in the comments below!

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