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VIDEO: Wild Ontario Wolf Poses for Candid Selfie

wild wolf
Kirsti Harris/Facebook

"It's not too often you have the chance to take a selfie with a wild wolf!"

No matter where you live in North America, once you escape the concrete 'jungle' of city life and cruise the back roads of the vast country, you really never know what you might run into. And that in itself is the epitome of adventure. Just ask Kirsti Harris, of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, as the encounter she experienced recently is one few of us will ever have.

While traveling along Highway 17 on August 31 a wolf was spotted crossing the road up ahead. On a whim, Kirsti and her partner pulled the jeep they were traveling in onto the shoulder and let out a whistle. Surprisingly the wolf came trotting directly over, offering up some cool video and photos and one legendary selfie.

Posted by Kirsti Harris on jueves, 31 de agosto de 2017

wild wolfwild wolfwild wolf

What are your thoughts: curious wolf or one that has been hand-fed in the past? It certainly looks healthy, with no sign of injury, so tough to say. Personally, I've had deer and moose approach me while out in the woods and have often wondered the same.

Whichever the case, a pretty thrilling experience for this avid outdoorswomen. As Kirsti mentioned in a Facebook comment:

"Tamest wolf I've ever crossed paths with! It was just like a dog. I wanted to touch it sooo bad. But I need my hands!"

Here's to adventure - and never knowing what you might cross paths with while out in the wild.

Click HERE to check out Kirsti's 'Boreal Kustoms' Facebook page to see her nature-inspired hand-made art.

Images Courtesy of Kirsti Harris/Facebook.

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VIDEO: Wild Ontario Wolf Poses for Candid Selfie