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Fully Assembled Deer Skeleton is Eye Candy for the Whitetail Lover

Brian Hjelmeland/Facebook

It took four winters to piece together, but the final result was worth the long wait.

Brian Hjelmeland took on a winter project most of us wouldn't have the patience or skill to complete. That's what makes his masterpiece all the more impressive.

A hunter who hails from Iowa, Hjelmeland, decided four winters ago that he wanted to assemble a full deer skeleton. So with glue and pins in hand, he began the intricate and arduous task.

The owner of a high-fence deer farm gifted the skull and impressive rack to Hjelmelan years ago. The body came from a different buck, but when he combined the two, he created breathtaking results.

deer skeletondeer skeletondeer skeletondeer skeletondeer skeletondeer skeletondeer skeleton

As posted to his Facebook page, Hjelmeland put hundreds of hours into this project, which can truly be described as a labor of love.

And for those who know the inner workings of a deer's anatomy, something might seem amiss:


Incredible skill and a piece worthy of any museum. Awesome job, Brian.

Images Courtesy of Brian Hjelmeland/Facebook.

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Fully Assembled Deer Skeleton is Eye Candy for the Whitetail Lover