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Video: Stud Whitetail Goes Nuts to Shed Velvet

shedding velvet
Facebook: Joe Barrese

Watch this stud buck wage bloody battle with a pair of saplings.

The shedding process from velvet to hard bone is a short and rarely seen one. Truth be told, it can be a brutal and bloody affair that doesn't seem all that enjoyable for a buck. And once the white of tines is revealed, rest assured, all bets are off in regards to being friendly with other bucks.

This eye-opening video, which was posted by Joe Barrese to Facebook, shows a stud Pennsylvania whitetail taking out some serious aggression.

The buck, which is one of several Barrese owns, gives us a rare glimpse into the behavior that occurs during the velvet shed.

Here's the cool video:

It's starting

Posted by Joe Barrese on Thursday, August 31, 2017

As you just witnessed, shedding velvet definitely seems to annoy whitetails - and they'll stop at nothing to rid their antlers of it.

Who has been fortunate enough to witness a buck shedding velvet? Feel free to share your stories and pics with us.

And one other thing: whitetail season is upon us!

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Video: Stud Whitetail Goes Nuts to Shed Velvet