Pics: 5 Most Impressive Booths at ATA

Want to see some of the coolest booths at ATA 2019?

Each year the outdoor companies at the ATA Trade Show do their best to stand out and attract a crowd. It's a friendly but competitive situation, as everyone notices a crowd (and tends to wander towards them at shows like these). Gather enough attention, and you could be setting you and your archery or outdoor company up for a heck of a year.

We have been making the rounds and thought these booths were rather impressive, not necessarily more so than others, but because there was something (or someone) who caught our eye.

To give you the feeling as though you're there, these are the coolest and most impressive booths at ATA 2019.

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Mathews Archery is always going to draw a crowd, but this year when they released the Vertix bow, it was almost predetermined. This would be one of the most-visited booths, and there was no shortage of Vertix models around to drool over.

Hoyt Archery

The Hoyt Archery booth was awesome by itself, but when they added Michael Waddell and the Bone Collector crew for an autograph meet and greet, the place lit up!


Likely due to their huge range of products they offer, the Primos booth is and always will be a large and busy place at any trade show, especially ATA.


Bushnell knows how important optics are for bowhunters, who absolutely need to know the range of what they're shooting at. We liked their cool porch-style set up with a camo-clad mannequin perched underneath.


Camo is as important as ever in the bowhunting world, and Realtree always comes out in full force at every trade show we see them at. The log cabin vibe is extra welcoming, and it always seems to be a big hang out and meeting place at ATA.

Even though you have to be a member of the ATA to attend their yearly Trade Show, you can follow along with us and all the brands in Louisville via social media. That's the best way to see everything that's going on, and daydream about being there yourself.