Did You Know It Was Pickup Trucks Driving in the "Star Wars" Crait Scene?

The newer Star Wars trilogy is really going all-in on practical effects, but pickup trucks??

Movie magic always awes fans with its ability to create something visually extraordinary. But when the veil is lifted the magic is gone.

Fans of both pickup trucks and Star Wars may actually be pleasantly surprised to know that instead of old age fighter planes ripping through the skies in the latest sequel, The Last Jedi, it was pickup trucks that brought the wonderment.

Check out the video below:

Fans of the latest additions in the Star Wars saga may know that The Force Awakens director J.J. Abrams opted for practical effects instead of depending heavily on more computer-generated effects. Instead of going all-in on CGI he chose to have actors don costumes and turn into rolling robots. And the latest sequel, The Last Jedi, was no different in terms of practicality.


The final action sequence of the Rian Johnson-directed epic took place on the salty planet called Crait (actually shot in Bolivia). With all the amazing visuals delivered by Industrial Light and Magic for the film, it's funny to see good old pickup trucks rambling through the desert, helping to create a little movie magic of their own.

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