Our Picks for the 3 Best Electric Cars

Here are our top three picks for the best electric cars worth the money.

Consumers have long criticized electric cars for two main reasons: range and cost.

From the 2017 Honda clarity with its minuscule 80-mile range (hello, 2010!) to the Tesla Model S's exorbitant $134,500 price tag, it has become harder and harder to find the right combination of cost, range, and performance.

Here's three that would make good picks for the money, as they're proven and consistent cars.

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Chevrolet Bolt EV

At $37,495, the Bolt EV is GM's first long range all electric vehicle. Many critics have praised the EV for being the best $30k EV on the market. Traveling at an EPA-estimated 238 miles on a single charge, it beats most vehicles in the segment.

It uses a DC fast charging option on a spare battery to achieve a 90-mile range in 30 minutes of charging. Plus, the EV is known for its responsive acceleration and superb handling with its 200 horsepower engine, double that of its closest competitor. Speed is also above average, with a 6.5-second 0-to-60 time.

On the downside, on-the-ground reports say Chevy continues to under deliver regarding customer service, with dealerships lacking service options due to the less likely chance of profitability. Lastly, long distance driving remains limited with a lack of national infrastructure, particularly in rural areas.

2. BMW i3

Released in 2016, the BMW i3 has quickly ascended the charts. At an MSRP of $42,400, the car features a 170 HP engine producing 250 Nm of torque for a 114-mile range. The 0-to-60 acceleration is average at 7.3 seconds.

Plus, its efficiency bests the Bolt EV, with its battery charging to 80% capacity in less than three hours. A range extender option is also available with a mounted engine that brings up the range to 180 miles.

3. Mercedes B250e

At an MSRP of $39,900, the Mercedes B250e features a 177 HP motor for 251 lbs. ft of torque, hitting 60 miles per hour in just under 8 seconds. Top speed is 100 mph. Its battery can be charged in four hours.

On the downside, the B250e's range is limited; it gets only 87 miles on a single charge.

Another reason for its inclusion in our top three electric cars is its technological features, with regenerative braking, top grade seating, and a best-in-class cabin. Perfect for those who want to sacrifice a little performance for comfort.

Where do the rest end up on the list? Maybe you have another top three? Either way, electric cars are increasing their popularity and specs, all for good reason.