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Bentley's First SUV Has a $100,000 Fly Fishing Add-On Option

The Bentley Bentaya has a W12 engine, 187 mph top speed, and a fly tying station...?

It goes without saying that the Bentley Bentaya is a high-end SUV. Obviously with the reputation of the brand you can expect a high pice. It has a $230,000 base price tag and all of the features you would expect for a vehicle that costs as much as a house. However, the real story here is a $100,000 option for the fly fishing enthusiast.

This addition makes sure the buyer has everything they need for a fly fishing trip.

It has rod holders, a portable fly tying table, and waterproof storage box for wet boots and waders. They thought of everything and each piece of equipment is the made from the best materials available.

Other features of the wader storage box are a wooden frame, hand-stitched saddle leather, and neoprene case inside. Bentley's customization partner Mulliner worked with well-known fly fisherman Matt Harris on the project. They spent three months to make sure they included everything.

The Bentley Bentaya is perfect for the fly angler with a love for luxury vehicles. Notably this is the first time that Bentley has built an SUV. It is also the first option specifically for fly fishing or any other type of outdoor recreation.


This post was originally published on August 21, 2017.