Pheasants Forever Forms a New Partnership

Pheasants Forever has formed a new partnership in Minnesota.

Pheasants Forever is working with AgSolver, Stearns Count Soil and Water Conservation District, and the Sauk River Watershed District to collaborate on business, agronomic, and conservation planning services in Minnesota. Through this effort the groups hope to create opportunities to increase profits for farms and other producers in the area. Using practices that benefit water quality, soil health, and provide habitat for wildlife. Mainly pheasant habitat.

This partnership was built on AgSolver's Profit Zone ManagerTM technology that focuses on the returns on investment at a sub-field level. The platform shows areas where conservation makes sense from a money stance. The Profit Zone Manager shows how each acre performs and demonstrates conservation scenarios to see the financial benefits before going through the cost of implementation.

The Partnership will allow for ten farmers to work with Profit Zone Manager and precision ag business planning. Pheasants Forever will work with the farmers and their trusted advisers directly. Using the farmers data and input throughout the working process.

Pheasants were first introduced to Minnesota in 1916. They are heavily dependent on the Minnesota grassland and agriculture, typically being found in central and southern Minnesota.

Each year, Minnesota hunters on average harvest around 350,000 roosters. 20 years ago that number was closer to one million. Keeping a stable population of the birds in Minnesota has proven challenge as there is no permanent protection of grasslands and wetlands which the birds rely on for nesting. Actions like this and the work of hunters simply buying Pheasant Habitat Stamps are reviving the pheasant populations.