pheasant parmesan

Pheasant Parmesan à la Camp Stove

Yep, it's possible to make some gourmet cooking using a camp stove. 

If you saw pheasant parmesan on a restaurant menu somewhere, it would be at least $30. Cooking it would be some French chef who doesn't care what you think of his cooking, but you better like it nonetheless.

Well, with that in mind, Hushin just came out with a video showing how to make this world-class dish on a camp stove. If nothing else, it proves you can accomplish some incredible cooking with a little bit of outdoorsy knowledge. Just follow along below.

It's all laid out in a way that's easy to follow. If you don't have a camp stove, we're pretty sure this can all be swapped out with traditional kitchenware. You also don't have to be French.

Every year, some buddies and I all camp while we fish for king salmon and steelhead up in Michigan. This year, I'm going to have some pheasant, so a recipe like this just might come together over the stove.

Hopefully, it'll pair nicely with the mushy king salmon we catch as well.