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Peugeot Rifter 4X4 Van Concept Ready to Tackle Geneva

Here's what will get you interested in Peugeot: the Rifter 4X4.

Are you excited about Peugeot's rumored return to the U.S.? Perhaps the company's rugged Rifter 4X4 van concept will pique your interest.

The Rifter 4X4 started as a humble Peugeot Rifter van, which is based on Citroen's Berlingo van. There's nothing particularly special about the Rifter, which Peugeot prefers to call a "leisure activity vehicle."

It seats seven, has two sliding doors and all the modern accoutrements. Yeah, it's a minivan.

But for the concept the automaker plans to roll out at the Geneva International Motor Show next month, the grocery-getter takes on a more adventurous persona.

To start, Peugeot added a four-wheel drive system attached to all-terrain tires.

Since neither of those do you much good if the front bumper can't clear even a simple pothole, the van is raised an extra 3.2 inches.

Atop the van, sorry, leisure activity vehicle, is attached an Overland tent for overnighting in your favorite wilderness. Want to get even further away from civilization? Included with the concept is one of Peugeot's electric mountain bikes.

Will the Rifter 4X4 concept ever make it to production? Maybe. Will it make it to the States? We sure hope so.


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